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What is aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using pure essential oils to promote a person's mental, emotional and physical health. The highly fragrant oils are naturally occurring substances extracted from various parts of plants. They are believed to nourish the skin, stimulate the senses and enhance the immune system. The distinct aroma of each essential oil has its own impact on the mind, body and soul of the human body. Aromatherapy may be used in a number of ways including massage, inhalations and in baths.

The history of aromatherapy


The history of aromatherapy dates back thousands of years, to when it was part of the medicinal practices of the people of early India. The Indians believed in using the power of natural elements in healing one's mind, body and soul. The people of Egypt also discovered the use of essential oils for making medicines, perfumes and cosmetics. Greeks also anointed themselves with oil before heading off to fight in a battle, carrying essential oils with them for healing wounds, and relieving fatigue.    The modern era of aromatherapy dawned in 1930 when the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse coined the term aromatherapy for the therapeutic use of essential oils. He was fascinated by the benefits of lavender oil in healing his burned hand without leaving any scars. He started investigating the effects of other essential oils for healing and for their psychotherapeutic benefits.


Due to the effects of the deep relaxation that can be achieved through aromatherapy/Swedish massage, it may give rise to the following benefits:

Psychological Benefits

  • Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm
  • Helps clearer thinking by increasing alertness and concentration
  • Re-balances the energy flow to the body
  • Releases stagnant energy
  • Revitalises the whole person
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Improved mood
  • Physical Benefits
  • Profound relaxation, for all parts of the body
  • Pain reduction in muscles and joints
  • Improved circulation resulting in better oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells of the body
  • Detoxification, improved organ and gland function
  • Feeling better, greater productivity, enriched quality of life
  • Revitalises the whole body
  • Improved sleep pattern

What happens during an aromatherapy/Swedish massage treatment?


The first treatment will include a detailed consultation in order to be able to select the essential oils most appropriate for the client.  Then the selected  massage blend will be massaged onto the body.  This will involve you undressing down to your underclothes, however your privacy will be respected throughout the treatment. A full aromatherapy treatment takes approximately 60 - 75 minutes including a full consultation and aftercare and costs 35 per session.

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