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Hot Stone Massage


What is Hot Stone Massage?


Stones and rocks have been held sacred for thousands of years by many ancient civilisations. Hot Stone Therapy or thermotherapy is a deeply refreshing and relaxing natural complementary therapy that induces a wonderful feeling of well being.

What happens during a treatment?


Warmed stones are used to massage the body during a stone treatment. The heat from the hot stones penetrates deeper into the tissues, and a massage stroke with a hot stone is the equivalent of about 10 strokes of a normal massage movement. A Hot Stone Therapy treatment takes approximately 60 - 75 minutes including a full consultation and aftercare. Full consultations are conducted on all new clients in order for an individually tailored treatment to be given to each person. The treatment will involve undressing down to your underclothes, however your privacy will be respected throughout the session.

Hot stones – Basalt

Basalt is an igneous rock that has excellent heat retaining and therapeutic properties due to its high iron content. Warm stones are introduced to the body with the hands and one stroke with a hot stone massage stone is the equivalent to at least 10 traditional massage strokes. The heat from the stones penetrates even deeper into the tissues providing an extremely relaxing and therapeutic effect.

Cold stones

Cold stones may be used in conjunction with hot stones which provides a refreshing contrast to the heat and has a very therapeutic effect on the body. The use of cold stones is optional depending on client preference. The cold stone when applied to the skin causes a reflex action that causes the veins to constrict which moves the blood back down into the deeper tissues. This reflex action produces the body’s natural painkiller, histamine, which reduces the pain of muscular spasm. The cold is also beneficial for reducing inflammation, swelling and for tissue decongestion.

What are the benefits?


Due to the effects of the deep relaxation that can be achieved through a hot stone massage, it may give rise to the following benefits:

Psychological Benefits

  • Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm
  • Helps clearer thinking by increasing alertness and concentration
  • Re-balances the energy flow to the body
  • Releases stagnant energy
  • Revitalises the whole person
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Improved mood

Physical Benefits

  • Profound relaxation, for all parts of the body
  • Pain reduction in muscles and joints
  • Improved circulation resulting in better oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells of the body
  • Detoxification, improved organ and gland function
  • Feeling better, greater productivity, enriched quality of life
  • Revitalises the whole body
  • Improved sleep pattern
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