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REIKI for Animals


(Great and Small)

What is Reiki for animals?

The name Reiki, pronounced ''Ray-key'', comes from the Japanese words ''rei'' meaning spirit, and ''ki'' meaning energy. It is usually translated as ''universal life energy”. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing which helps to heal and harmonise the body, mind and spirit. All animals, whether they are pets, farm, or wild can benefit from Reiki. Reiki works on the whole animal to restore the body's natural balance. The treatment is gentle, painless, non invasive and stress free. Reiki is totally safe and it can be given at a distance or "hands on" depending on the animal - the animal chooses every time.   It can be   adapted to any problem that affects animals. Reiki is both powerful and gentle and may help to promote the animal’s own healing process in many injuries and illnesses.  However any animal with a serious illness should always be seen by a vet. If any animal is being treated by a vet,  the vet’s permission must always be given before the animal can be given Reiki. With Reiki, animals do not have to be confined or restrained to be treated. The animal retains a large degree of control over how much Reiki they will take and under what circumstances. They become an active and willing partner in the treatment.

What are the benefits?



  • Nervous
  • Hyperactive
  • Recovering from an Illness or Operation
  • Injured and taking time to recover  
  • Having behavioural problems 
  • A show animal that needs to be at its best


  • CALM

If your animal is happy, peaceful, relaxed, in good health, calm and stress free then so will you be.

Reiki also provides compassionate support to help an animal make the transition, when the time has come to pass away, more peaceful for all concerned.

It is also an extremely powerful tool for emotional healing following:

* A trauma, abuse, neglect

* Fear and Trust Issues

I am a fully qualified Reiki Master and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. A Reiki treatment can be carried out in the treatment room at my home in Lydford on Fosse near Somerton, or I am able to visit your pet at home, please phone for prices for house visits. Cost is 15 per half hour session.

Important notice


Reiki is not a substitute for professional Veterinary Treatment.


"The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone, other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis"


However the healing of animals   by contact, by the laying of hands or distant healing is legal. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this.


Reiki is a non-medical therapy that compliments and supports all other healing therapies, including veterinary medicine, and is a valuable part of a combined approach to healing and health maintenance.

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